Pat sat at an electronic drum kit, holding a stick in each hand, smilingWell, for anyone who has watched BBC’s The Repair Shop will know, objects can often mean so much more to us than we can often realise. Stories can surround them and memories old and new brought to mind. 

Here is PMZ participant Pat Tansell, playing drums with a very special pair of beautiful drumsticks which have been donated to PMZ along with their story. Pat is very particular about using the sticks each and every time she plays! Here is the story of the sticks from the person who donated them to us. We are delighted that they have found a new life making music with us.

The Drumstick Story

(Written and shared with permission by Mrs Anonny Mouse, mother of Wendy)
“In 1974 my daughter, then 11, and I, moved to a new house in a different area. This meant a new school and hopefully new friends for her. However, there were no girls living nearby – only Christopher 6 doors up, and Russell 6 doors down. Our dining room was like a youth club! Both lads vied for her attention. Christopher was in the Royal Marine Band Cadets playing drums, and Russell had a German Shepherd called Sasha. My daughter was torn! Christopher did his very best and gave her his drumsticks! She drove me mad with these, pulling jars and tins down from the cupboard and playing them!

Russell didn’t have to do anything – he had a dog! Later, they all went to secondary school and made new friends – my dining room was less busy! The drumsticks were always on her dressing table, but over time moved to the bookshelf and then into a drawer. She later met Jeff – he had a motorbike! When she married, much of her stuff was left behind – too grown up now for childish things.

This year, my husband and I had a clear out in the loft and we found a yellow plastic box, sealed up and labelled ‘Wendy’s Stuff’. It contained some Beatrix Potter books, card games, dressing-up dolls, an old recorder and the drumsticks!! These are now being looked after by Anna and PMZ and being regularly used by the groups – bringing noise and joy once more!”

We hope you enjoyed this little story and how the sticks made their way to PMZ. Have you got stories (in particular about musical instruments or gadgets) that you would like to share with us? You can get in touch to share your stories or enquire about what other things we get up to at PMZ by contacting us, and we’d also love to hear from you if you have anything you’d like to donate.