We invited you all to get involved with this community collaboration led by Baton Beats music leader Rob Tilsley. Rob taught us about different instruments and rhythms that are used in samba. We asked you to record yourself playing an instrument and rhythm of your choice, which Rob then combined into this wonderful video. We hope you like the result!

This was the call for people to get involved:

The steps to take part were:

  1. Pick and learn a rhythm from the videos below.
  2. Create audio or video of you playing the rhythm at 80bmp for about a minute. We posted a metronome video to help people make their recordings at the right speed.
  3. Send audio and video files to rob@plymouthmusiczone.org.uk www.wetransfer.com.

The videos and audio submitted were combined into an artistically rendered samba video and shared across our channels.

To get started, we asked people to pick a rhythm from below...


Surdo Primeira

Surdo Terceira


Agogo Bell






To Make it Easier

This video was for people to play along to whilst recording their rhythms.

How it All Began

Why Samba? Here’s an intro…