Be a part of our “Big Birthday Busk” and make a massive difference to those who need music the most.

Every week over 600 people of all ages come together and make joyous, life changing music with PMZ. Thanks to you and your support, this has been happening for 20 years.

We want to make sure that for the next 20 years even more people are able to stretch their creativity, make connections, and build a musical community. And this is where you come in.

In honour of turning 20, we’re launching “PMZ’s Big Birthday Busk” and we’d love for you to be a part of it.

We need local musicians, music lovers and ‘PMZers’ past and present to make a massive musical difference by organising your own “busk” in aid of PMZ.

It’s all about making music and raising funds for Plymouth Music Zone, knowing that in the process you’ll be helping to bring the joy of music to those who need it most.

What can I do?

We want you to use your imagination to busk in your own special way for PMZ.

Your Big Birthday Busk could be busking on a street corner and raising money in that time honoured way OR…you could really busk it a bit with your busking – and do it in whatever way works for you!

Anything goes.

Prof Montserrat Fuentes Romero plays the piano PMZ’s Big Birthday Busk – from Mexico!

Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

1. Are you a musician or in a band with a gig already planned? If so, you could do a ‘PMZ Big Birthday Busk’ shout out and do a special collection during the gig. Use a hat for donations or ask us to for a collection can.

2. Could you organise a special PMZ Big Birthday Busk fundraising gig? It would be incredible if you raised money directly through some of the ticket sales or donations on the night.

3. Fancy a more chilled way to raise donations? How about a cosy busking party in the comfort of your own living room! Perform for family and friends with a donation collection during your performance. Everyone could take part and have some fun together.

4. Looking for a musical challenge? You and your friends could organise a 24 hour “Busk-a-thon”. You could collect donations via an online fundraising page like JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving. You could also do this directly via our donation page on the PMZ website.

5. Feeling a bit shy? If you don’t want to busk in front of others at all then how about busking for yourself by singing in the car – and then giving a donation to PMZ online by way of a solo round of applause!

Of course the best ideas come from you so feel free to let your creativity run wild!

What next?

  • Let us know! We want to support you in any way we can so please let us know what you plan to do and when. We can supply collection cans and the Big Birthday Busk logo. We’ll also do social media shout outs to spur you on and get the attention you deserve.

You can contact us via or 01752 213690.

  • Tell your friends and family. They may want to get involved, and they’ll certainly want to support you.
  • Contact your local media to really shout about the amazing thing you’re doing.
  • Have fun! And remember, no matter what amount you raise it will make a massive difference.