Plymouth Music Zone's Digital Orchestra teamed up with MA Students from Plymouth University and the Barbian Theater Plymouth to create some musical games as part of the 'Plymouth Undokai' project. Undokai is an annual event in Japan which is all about fun, competition, teamwork, and maybe a bit of silliness thrown in for good measure. The Digital Orchestra experimented and designed musical games. They also composed some theme music which can be heard here:


Digital Orchestra member Chris Burns wrote a poem for the occasion:

"Shapes and games cloud my memory, Solutions trickle through time, thank you's are given through futurist flowers, bionics blow kisses in halo antennas

Is this really you, is this really you?"

Thanks to Barbican Theatre Plymouth for including us in the project and we were please to use some of our session times to connect with this exciting project. Some much-needed relief to explore playfulness together. These are pics from the workshop, it was a lovely creative gathering. Huge thanks for their efforts