If you’ve ever moved from your hometown, which landmarks bring memories? This is a question posed by local songwriter, Alan Hyett, who has kindly offered to share some of this original work with us.

Alan Hyett with The Musical Misfits at Plymouth Music Zone

Alan has been involved with PMZ for over a year in several groups, in particular The Musical Misfits, including performing at PMZ’s 20th Birthday last year. It has been an absolute pleasure to get to know him and his music. The Musical Misfits group were treated to some wonderful informal performances of Alan’s songs along the way, bringing both tears and laughter with their honesty and reflection.

“It was about 18 months after starting working with Josie [PMZ music leader] that I was asked what I was doing now and I answered “a musician and songwriter”. I had never considered myself to be a musician before. My brother Graham visited Plymouth recently and made a very insightful comment recently. He said “Alan has played at the guitar for years, now he plays the guitar” .

Alan has been extremely busy producing his music during lockdown and over the past few years. He dedicates much of his time to crafting his songs.

Alan (centre) as Choirboy, with his brothers left and right.

Memories of life over many years and the surrounding backdrop of the town is beautifully captured in Alan’s ‘Landscape (Of My Youth)’. Alan originally came from Hereford, but now says he regards Plymouth as his home. Both places have rivers within them. Alan describes the river as ‘just always there’ and having to cross it in order to get just about anywhere.

Alan remembers singing in the cathedral as a choirboy – early experiences of music making. He has spoken of enjoying a first drink in a pub in the narrow streets; buildings that were places of work, love and life and so many years spent in a different place called home.

So, here is the song video, along with photographs of Hereford taken by Alan and friends.

Huge gratitude from us all at PMZ to Alan for sharing so openly and honestly. This beautiful song offering is sure to stir memories within all of us.