During Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 (15th – 21st May) in various workshops and groups we reflected on music and our mental health. One of our groups, “Moving Sounds” group wanted to share what music means to them in terms of their mental health. The whole group said it was interesting how music can make you move your body either more or less depending on the piece or song.

We had a unanimous big thumbs-up from everyone about how they thought that music affects how we feel and can improve our mental health and that PMZ was a great place to come and do that.
Here is a little video of these ideas: 

Here are some quotes from the group:

“There are lots of things I get out of music. It gets me through some really emotional times, which sometimes I feel I need. Music can also bring about some really happy stories and enlighten people on things they didn’t know about, but the one thing I truly love about music watching people enjoy it and dance around having fun.” (Mike)

“Music makes you feel happy and joyous. I listen to classical music because, yeah! It’s lovely! It gives me a happy and a good feeling that helps me to relax” (Andrew)

“Music makes you feel FANTASTIC!” (Annalise)

“I feel freer and have noticed how music sets you free. I feel pukka! I like rock music” (Chris)

“See, I think it depends on the song or piece of music when you think about what it makes you feel like. I listen to certain songs if I’m miffed and it ‘volcanoes’ in a safe way…
I don’t know if you get what I mean, but it like instead of having an argument, I go off to a safe space like my room or the bathroom / shower and I put on some music and then there’s nobody there to watch the volcano erupt – haha! It really helps me work things out.” (Yaz)

Of course, our mental health isn’t something we only think about in Mental Health Awareness Week. It’s something we should all think about often as a very important part of being human. It’s just as important and completely relates to how we feel in our bodies, so we need to make sure we look after our mental wellbeing as best we can.

Huge thanks to ‘Moving Sounds’ and brilliant session leaders Jodie and Winnie from @Far Flung Dance Theatre who lead the group and helped gather thoughts from the group about this very important conversation.

PMZ’s Digital Orchestra (Disabled / Neurodiverse musicians / people with a brain injury) recorded the live soundtrack for this video during this week also. We love the idea that our groups can create things together even when we don’t meet at the same time and place.

We hope that this video helps more people to think about what music means for their mental health. Please share with anyone you think would like this!

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