On 20th March PMZ were proud to be part of a national day of action called "Age Without Limits" following a successful bid to the Centre for Ageing Better to enable us to showcase and share the magic of this wonderful band of musicians aged 55+.

“What an inspiring and uplifting show! So much life, energy, creativity and vitality – just wonderful. They were incredible!” (audience member)

The Musical Misfits have been together at PMZ since 2019, with the majority of their time funded by Arts Council England. During this time, members have come and gone for all sorts of reasons. We have been through a global pandemic, and there have various permutations of different instruments and voices involved in the group. However, what has remained a constant throughout is a profound level of musical and human connection. Everyone brings their individual ideas and musical offerings which help bring about a truly eclectic mix of musical repertoire and original compositions. Their connectedness and passion for what they do is palpable if you’re lucky enough to spend some time with them!

“fantastic musicianship in the band and lovely voices - very inspiring and thank you for spreading joy up here in Nottinghamshire 😊 xx” (online audience member)

Music leader, Anna Batson has led the group from the start.

“We’ve attempted the kinds of repertoire I’d never thought would be possible at the start. So many colours and musical flavours and there’s always such a beautiful atmosphere of mutual respect between the musicians. The care that is in the room for one another as humans seems to permeate the music itself. People who were shy to express themselves to begin with are now taking solos and leading us through pieces of music. It never ceases to amaze me. Everyone is so supportive of one another’s efforts. We don’t always enjoy or like the same things and that’s absolutely fine because everyone’s always been willing to give things a go and consider different tastes and viewpoints. ”

The performance on the 20th March 2024 was part of a wider day of action to challenge negative stereotyping and portrayals of ageing. Activities included photographic / visual art exhibitions, poetry, dance and sports and music events across the UK. The theme of the day was #SeeAndBeSeen which the Misfits adapted for themselves for their musical contribution as #HearAndBeHeard.

“Joy and inspiration for our hearts”(audience member at PMZ)

To make the performance more accessible to people, we live-streamed the event on Zoom as well as some shorter Facebook live videos. We had a wonderfully enthusiastic and supportive audience with us in the building but were so excited to receive messages and to be joined by people listening and watching in Australia, USA, Nottingham, Bournemouth, Exeter, Minehead and many more varied places!

“Hi all, it’s Marg from Australia joining this beautiful event - sounding great! Big congratulations for a great performance. Enjoyed every minute of it, singing along with you all. Cheers ❤️”

The recording of the whole performance is on our YouTube channel.

The wonderful performers in Musical Misfits were:
• Lynne (voice, percussion, tongue drum, glockenspiel)
• Margaret (voice, percussion)
• Tony (snare drum, djembe, percussion, voice)
• Shirley (voice, chimes / mark tree)
• Rachel (voice, Marimba)
• Pat (voice, djembe, Marimba)
• Ray (kit drums)
• Mike (French Horn, glow sticks! Rave electronic music arrangement!)
• Stan (Alto Sax)
• Jack (Voice, bongos)
• Mike C (visual projections, claves)

All musical arrangements were by the band themselves and Anna Batson.