Plymouth Music Zone's 'Musical Misfits' group performed in front of a live audience for the first time since 2019 and completely smashed it. Many of the band members who have joined since the pandemic have never performed with the band before.

The Musical Misfits are also the first PMZ group to perform a short livestream on our Facebook page. We were really excited to have interactions from people watching from home, particularly a member of the band who was unwell on the day and was able to be included. This opens up options for us with performing in the future and sharing what happens here in addition to pictures and recordings. 

The musicians in the group have had many  different experiences of music throughout their lives. Some have been professional working musicians, singers and educators. Others are taking up new instruments and skills altogether. What is universal, however is a shared passion for music and a supportive community in which to try out ideas together. 

Here are some of the comments left for us at the end of the performance: 

Quotes from the day...

"This is SUCH a VIBE! I am copiously enjoying this. You guys have such an infectious energy and your sense of love and community shows - truly beautiful!" 

"Music would solve a lot of the world's issues"

"Excellent!! A great event and very enjoyable - great sound - WELL DONE EVERYONE!!"

"The Musical Misfits have found a home - great sounds - well done!"

"Loved being part of this wonderfully loving band!"

"Well done! Great fun to be part of...! I haven't witnessed so many people enjoying music since helping with the (Eggbuckland) College Wind Band. A lot of work - keep it up!"

"Good fun guys - love a bit of live music!"

"Well done everyone! Sounded great! Loved seeing the audience tapping their feet"

"Loved it - oh my HEART!"

"I used to have my Dad coming to all my shows....don't know how it's happened, but now I'm coming to my Dad's gigs!"