Welcome to PMZ's little corner shop. Not big - but very beautiful ... you see all the money we receive from any purchase is reinvested in the work we do. So you can buy an award winning resource and at the same time help to fund music workshops for some of the most vulnerable children in Plymouth and beyond.  Smiles all round :)    


Zoobiedoo multi-sensory music resource


This multi-sensory music, singing and activity resource picked up an Innovator of the Year Finalist Award in the Herald Business Awards for being one of the only resources of its kind. It was created in conjunction with children and staff from 5 Special Schools in Plymouth so it's tried and tested - and much loved by all who use it.   

Zoobiedoo is a unique multi-sensory music, singing and activity resource for working with children beyond mainstream settings. Follow the fish and meet his weird and wonderful friends. From limpets to llamas through funk to fandango, Zoobiedoo is a creative tour de force that’s a truly uplifting voyage of discovery - with attitude...

Smart, inspiring, off-the-wall and fun with...

• Original songs that journey across landscapes and genres
• Inclusive and engaging for both children and adults alike
• Flexible and bursting with ideas and unlikely characters
• Tried and tested and practical – with wipe clean pages too
• And surely the first book ever with a hot air ballooning Gurnard   Guide…called Bernard




You can buy Zoobiedoo directly from PMZ or from other retailers like Waterstones and Amazon. Check out Amazon's Search Inside function to take a closer look or listen to the sample of one of the songs from the resource below. PMZ also offers tailored training so feel free to get in touch. 

PRICE (Inc VAT): £29.99 


Song sample from ZoobieDoo - featuring Bernard the Gurnard.  Coming soon!



Zoobiedoo multi-sensory music resource and CDs

ZoobieDoo Reviews

JUDITH HAMILTON, PMLD Primary Teacher Woodlands School:

"There is a lot of sophistication in this music despite it being fun.  I like that this is an excellent springboard for teachers to use."

CELINA COX, Music Coordinator, Mill Ford Special School:

This resource is fresh and new - I can see how useful Zoobiedoo will be when we wish to extract different elements out of the overall resource and relate them to our different projects and contexts. It's helpful but not too prescriptive, which is exactly what we need."

HILARY KNIGHT, Downham School, Plymouth:

"A little girl in my class returned after half-term break and on hearing a song from Zoobiedoo, immediately began signing and doing all the actions we were using associated with the song. Despite being unable ti use her physical voice, this little girl was still able to comprehend and enjoy the music. This amazing response brought me to tears and I've been teaching here for 20 years! What was so beautiful was that this showed us the potential that's within the child, which we can then work with and develop."