The PMZ Pulse

The PMZ PULSE is all about you telling us what you think or about what you'd like us to do. If you fill in the ADD A COMMENT section on the home page then you could very well end up here with the Pick of the PMZ Pulse... We also publish the results of our most recent PMZ Polls on this page. The PMZ Polls will be created by our youth forum TEMPO and our adult PMZer forum.  If you have a burning question you'd like us to ask, then let us know...  

QUESTION: What weekly music activities or groups would you like to get involved in this year?

Family (all ages) choir (7.41%)
Adults choir (25.93%)
Performance 'Big' band (experienced) (0%)
All abilities band (beginners to experienced) (0%)
Beat Boxing/Rapping (3.7%)
Percussion group (0%)
Don't know yet, I'd love to try a whole range of 'taster' sessions (0%)
Anything else? Leave us a comment in the 'PMZ Pulse' section to the right of this column! (62.96%)

POLL HELD: Monday  4th January to Friday 12th February 2016 


QUESTION:  If you had £5 to spare, what would you most like to spend it on?

A pint of beer (4.76%)
A music track/album (23.81%)
A good cause (42.86%)
A frothy coffee (14.29%)
A fitness class (14.29%)

POLL HELD: Friday 19th June to Thursday 30th July 2015


QUESTION:  What public sessions would you want to join in with at Plymouth Music Zone?

Family Percussion  (19.05%)
Adult Percussion  (0%)
Family Choir (16.67%)
Adult Choir (23.81%)
Adult Jam Band (4.76%)
Other - Please leave suggestions in Pulse comments to the right  (35.71%)

POLL HELD:  Friday 10th April to Friday 19th June 2015


QUESTION: Which songs make you feel happy? 

Here Comes the Sun (10.53%)

Happy (15.79%)

I Can See Clearly Now (0%)

Mr Blue Sky (10.53%)

Hey Ya (5.26%)

Don't Stop Me Now (0%)

Bring Me Sunshine (0%)

Walking on Sunshine (10.53%)

I'm in the Mood for Dancing (15.79%)

Three Little Birds (15.79%)

POLL HELD: Thursday 19th March to Friday 10th April 2015


QUESTION: What sort of music makes you feel happy and washes away those winter blues?

Jazz (11.11%)
Classical (0%)
Pop (22.22%)
Country (0%)
Rock (11.11%)
All of the above! (55.56%)
Other (give your preference on PMZ Pulse/comments) (0%)

POLL HELD: Tuesday 24th February to Thursday 19th March


QUESTION: How can we show you we love you?

Offer a brand new weekly session - suggestions in Pulse Comments section to the right please! (33.33%)
Have a Valentine's day event (maybe next year?!)  (0%)
Send you regular e-newsletters keeping you informed about what's happening at PMZ  (66.67%)
Offer more ways for you to get involved (give details/suggestions in Pulse comments (0%)
Share your achievements outside of PMZ (e.g. audio/video recordings) on our Facebook Page (0%)

POLL HELD: Friday 6th February to Tuesday 24th February 2015


QUESTION: What are your New Year's Resolutions?

To have more adventures (8.82%)
To try something new (14.71%)
To be healthier (8.82%)
To give something up (8.82%)
To challenge yourself (11.76%)
To spend more time with loved ones (17.65%)
To do some volunteering  (8.82%)

POLL HELD: Monday 5th January to Thursday 5th February 2015


QUESTION: If you were the lead singer of a band, which Christmas song would you sing?

Fairytale of New York (31.58%)

Christmastime (10.53%)

White Christmas (26.32%)

Little Drummer Boy (10.53%)

Stop the Cavalry (10.53%)

Driving Home For Christmas (10.53%)

POLL HELD: Friday 12th December 2014 to Monday 5th January 2015


QUESTION: What's your favourite PMZ Annual Event? Please tell us why in the PMZ Pulse comments section!

PMZ Nick Thomas Memorial Awards (21.43%)
Tea, Tinsel and Tonsils (21.43%)
Festive Jam (21.43%)
Easter Jam (7.14%)
Party in the Park (28.57%)

POLL HELD:Wednesday 5th November to Wednesday 10th December 2014


QUESTION: What's your favourite Halloween track?

Thriller, Michael Jackson (38.46%)
Witch Queen of New Orleans, Red Bone  (7.69%)
The Monster Mash, Bobby Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers (0%)
Highway to Hell, AC/DC (15.38%)
Sympathy for the Devil, Rolling Stones (7.69%)
Zombie, Jamie T (30.77%)
Other - Use the comments box to the right (0%)

POLL HELD: Friday 17th October to Tuesday 4th November 2014


QUESTION:  Which of these topis is closest to your heart?

Arts and Culture (42.86%)

Economy (0%)

Education and Learning (21.43%)

Health and Wellbeing (35.71%)
Local Community (0%)
Other (Please comment in the PMZ Pulse on the right (0%)

POLL HELD: Wednesday 17th September to Friday 17th October 2014


QUESTION: Have you heard of the Plymouth Plan?

22 repondents:

Yes, I know all about it    4 (18.18%)
Yes, sort of    6 (27.27%)
Nope! Never heard of it   7 (31.82%)
TELL ME MORE!    5  (22.73%)

POLL HELD: Tuesday 19th August to Tuesday 16th September 2014


QUESTION: Would you like to learn music with people much older or younger than you?

Yes mixing the generations is good (43.75%)
No I prefer to be with people my own age  (18.75%)
Hmm, I'd rather play music alone (0%)
I like a bit of everything! (37.5%)

POLL HELD: Tuesday 15th July to Friday 15th August 2014


QUESTION: Which comes top of your league, football or music?

Football of course. GOOOOOAL! (13.33%)
MUSIC. Come on the Music!!  (73.33%)
They're both amazing  (6.67%)
None. Much rather do something else...  (6.67%)

POLL HELD: Wednesday 25th June to Monday 14th July 2014


QUESTION: Have you heard of the Funky Llama Festival?

Yes  (84.62%)
No  (7.69%)
The Funky what?! (7.69%)

POLL HELD: Wednesday 28th May to Thursday 12th June 2014


QUESTION: What's the most important thing to you about playing music with others?

Improving my musical skills (6.98%)
Increasing my self-confidence (6.98%)
Making new friends (16.28%)
Having fun (20.93%)
Working towards a performance (13.95%)
Feeling of achievement (9.3%)
All of the above (25.58%)

POLL HELD: Wednesday 26th March to Monday 26th May 2014


QUESTION: What is the most important quality for a Music Leader to have?

Musical knowledge and skills (11.11%)
Empathy (15.56%)
Lots of new ideas  (13.33%)
A lively personality (13.33%)
Can play several instruments  (6.67%)
Tons of patience  (8.89%)
All of the above! (31.11%)

POLL HELD: Thursday 13th February to Tuesday 18th March 2014


QUESTION: Do you use technology (such as computers, mobile phones and apps) to help you make music?

Yes  (48.57%)

No    (31.43%)

Would love to, but not had the chance  (20%)

POLL HELD: Wednesday 15th January to Thursday 13th February 2014


QUESTION: What will your New Year's Resolution for 2014 be?

I'm going to learn a musical instrument  (28.57%)
I'm going to eat healthily this year  (14.29%)
I'm going to the gym to get fit   (28.57%)
I'm not making any resolutions. I never stick to them anyway!    (28.57%)

POLL HELD: Thursday 19th December 2013 to Wednesday 15th January 2014


QUESTION: If we made monthly PMZ Podcasts about everything that goes on here would you listen to them?

Yes, would love to (33.33%)
No, not my kind of thing (8.33%)
Depends if they were fun to listen to or not! (33.33%)
Might listen to some, so go for it (25%)

POLL HELD: Wednesday 18th September to Friday 18th October 2013


Plymouth Music Zone is a place thriving with enthusiasm, experience and passion and since beginning my musical journey there aged 11, I can't thank them enough. Having a little musical haven, a creative outlet to explore music and emotion, is so important for young people and PMZ gave me just that. Their work is fundamental for those seeking a place of safety, enjoyment and a love for music. Music being a universal language - no matter what age, gender, race and ability, allows PMZ to create a community and continue doing their amazing work. I'm so thankful for everything PMZ have done for me and would recommend anyone and everyone to pop on down, meet some crazy people and make some NOISE!!!
Seyhogue Aulakh

A fantastic place to go, the staff are all fantastic, Plymouth Music Zone is like my new home

People in the group are totally different the rest of the week, not like this at all!
Participant at older person's residential home

Heard about your inspirational charity at the Culture Sector Network conference where your director Debbie spoke. Loved her passion and your team sounds amazing!
Janice, Culture Sector Network

What an amazing place! If it wasn't for Plymouth Music Zone i wouldn't know how to express myself with Music! PMZ has boosted my confidence and still is to this day. Thank you Plymouth Music Zone... It really is "Music Making A Difference."

Brilliant news about the Arts and Health Southwest award - well done all concerned.
Elder Tree Befriending

Just wanted to say a big Congrats to Anna for winning the recent Music Teacher Excellence Award. That girl really deserved it and all her hard work over the years seems to be paying off! Well Done x

" ... I'm growing, and it's all down to you guys here. This is what I really want to do, make music, and if tomorrow this is what I'm doing, the thanks goes to Plymouth Music Zone .... and if I find myself a little bit lost ... I still know where to knock! Plymouth Music Zone is always there for me."
Mark S

I like coming to singing sessions with Anna because they’re lively and it makes me feel alive. It’s uplifting, it makes us feel much better afterwards. It keeps you normal, and friendly! That’s what I think anyway!

"There are many people and places that just want to take, take, take, but this place, it just gives, gives, gives"

LOVE LOVE LOVE PMZ :) Especially with Mike working there, it's wild, im exhausted after PMZ lol

I love plymouth music zone! You guys do loads of positive work to inspire people with music, keep it up! :)
Olly Murs

i came to plymouth music zone on thursday with the university on summer school and we played 'summer of 69' and i had the best time. thank you so much for letting us have a lot of fun!

I so love Pmz ... it is amazing .. Pmz rocks .. Music is now my life ... Thanks Pmz , chloef

Went there last nite!! Loved it so much!! Cant w8 til im 16 so i can volounteer!!! 7!!!!
Lucy xx

I LOVE YOU GUYS :) it was the most amazing week of my life

Love Tempo and Jam Band, THEY'RE AWESOME!

I love PMZ so much, i got as much as i can. its so special to me
Elias Simpson, 17

my daughter loves coming to the after school clubs - there are not enough of these in Plymouth!! Please keep on with the clubs, i will spread the word! thanks so much.

Can't promote this enough, so much fun and so much value, I want to come back more!

ive been coming here for a year and a half and its totally changed how i see music now xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ever since I stopped coming to PMZ I just want come back. :D

Just watched the Pass the Baton shirt animated film and thought it was fantastic!
Clare Chapman

PMZ makes my heart sing!
Audience member at 'Festive Jam' event, 2016

Went tonight with my son it was fantastic the staff were amazing thank you so very much

It was a huge privilege and absolute pleasure to attend the beautiful and magical PMZ Nick Thomas Award evening. Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved x

"I just like singing, me - I just like singing I really do. That's all I can say about it. And to be down here. I haven't got much of a voice, but I'll have a go. I loved it when my husband was still alive because we used to duet more or less you know, 'cause he loved it as well. Very often he'd come behind me and want to dance and I'd say "not now" you know...but I wish to God I'd said yes now. But I really look forward to this - coming down. We love all the songs...anything at all darling."

So pleased to hear you're the winner of the Arts and Health South West Prize 2015. I know how hard you all work and you do great things to keep it all going. Can I work there please! xxxxxx
Debra A

Congratulations on winning the Inspiration Award in the Music Teacher Excellence Awards. Totally well deserved, you guys do amazing stuff and Anna is brilliant!

The singing group at George Downing House very much enjoy and look forward to our singing with Bernie on Thursday afternoons. We have also enjoyed participating in events and attending the music jams. The Christmas even (plus conga again) is great and looked forward to very much. PMZ has made such a difference to our lives and we have also learnt about the lives of other various groups of people (that come to PMZ).We hold a charity collection at our Friday coffee mornings which we donate to various charities at the end of the year. This year we would like to donate all of the money to PMZ because of the sterling work you do and we feel it is very much deserved. Please accept our cheque of £500 with our best wishes.
J. Atkinson (George Downing House)

(On being awarded with the Nick Thomas Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievement 2014) .... "I have to thank PMZ, because without you guys I don't know who I would be today, so thank you".
James Gullis

Tuesdays are the best day for me because I get to spend all day at Plymouth music zone I wish I could work there more
Mike Canning

What a fantastic time our adopted children had at PMZ. Thank you and keep up the great work!
Ally Colton, Families for Children

I love PMZ i have been there for six years and its still amazing they have helped me a lot and my singing is even better then it was hehe xxxx

Just watched the new film on the OAE days and the PMZ Finance Department, all two of us, are crying. Still we lasted until Thursday this week without one tear.
Glyn Fuge

i like art , but music is waaaayyyyy more fun and cooooool

I love PMZ! (But not as much I love chocolate cake!:)

i want to make music to change people and the world thanks music zone

I love pmz sooo much! you guys have inspired me!
Jasmine xxx

PMZ is incredible :) it's my refuge

wow i love it there and i want to visit there everyday i love it. :D
sabina kubinova

we are speachless it was the best time in the past years.
sabina and dominik

I've been coming here for 7 years and PMZ has changed my life!