Partnership Work

Much of the work we do goes on ‘behind the scenes’, involving specific projects in collaboration with community partners.

This collaborative work involves our highly skilled Music Leaders reaching out to develop skills, health and wellbeing in our community through targeted workshops and other projects, in partnership with over 100 education, health and social care organisations

Wherever we work, PMZ creates an inspiring, supportive and motivating environment. Our diverse work allows people to express themselves, increase their self-confidence and gain a sense of achievement. We work with people of all ages and abilities including vulnerable children and adults in Plymouth and are unique in our approach to using music to improve people’s lives.

Early Years

PMZ has worked with early years children at elevated risk for over 15 years and is acknowledged in the city as a specialist in this area. Our work allows children to express themselves, increase their self-confidence and gain a sense of achievement.

Specialist Work in Schools

We work in a number of schools across Plymouth. Music is a unique and powerful communication tool to bring withdrawn children out of themselves, making them more sociable and able to respond appropriately to others. It also helps children develop their listening skills. For those with speech and language delays music provides an accessible way of expressing themselves and allows them to experience feedback and praise.

SEN / Disabled Music Making

Plymouth Music Zone has an international reputation of being specialised in disability music making. Many of our participants live with learning and physical disabilities or mental health challenges.  We use music to help improve communication skills, increase learning capabilities as well as motor skills and physical coordination.

Arts & Health

Through music we aim to improve the health and wellbeing of all of our participants. Our work involves regular visits to residential homes to work with older people as well as workshops here at PMZ to help people with their physical and mental health.

Musical Respite

Our workshops help people through some of their most difficult times and bring relief not just to those suffering from illness or disabilities but also provides respite for carers and family members too.

Reducing Loneliness & Isolation

Our work with older people in residential and sheltered housing directly addresses feelings of loneliness and isolation caused by lack of engagement in meaningful activities with others. It improves their wellbeing by enabling them to make new social connections, continue to learn and develop, and ensure they feel valued. But it is not just older people who suffer from loneliness and all of our work helps bring people together and communicate better regardless of age.

If you are interested in working in partnership with Plymouth Music Zone please get in touch with us here and we will get back to your to discuss further.