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Dr Anna Détári PMZ Special Adviser

Plymouth Music Zone has appointed an academic specialist in musician wellbeing from the world leading Royal College of Music as its latest Special Adviser.

Dr Anna Détári is a Lecturer in Performance Psychology and member of the Centre for Performance Science, a collaboration between the Royal College of Music and the Imperial College, London.

Dr Détári was first introduced to Plymouth Music Zone through a national Think Tank on Musician Wellbeing organised by pioneering arts charity, Britten Pears Arts. It convened a number of leading experts from across the sector to tackle systemic wellbeing inequity across the music sector. PMZ’s Chief Executive, Debbie Geraghty, was invited to share PMZ’s socially engaged approach, inclusive leadership practices and how it creates impact.

Dr Détári says:

“At the Think Tank on Musician Wellbeing I was deeply impressed by Plymouth Music Zone’s inclusive and musician-centred practices – this is something we all could learn from! I’m excited now to be able to join the charity to provide advice on health and wellbeing as well as learn from, and help spotlight, those inspiring practices. I’m hoping that by collaborating with and advising this wonderful organisation, I can also bring some awareness of the importance of community music to our students at the Royal College of Music”.

PMZ’s Chief Executive, Debbie Geraghty, says having such Special Advisers can help open up important learning opportunities as well as acknowledging the expertise of smaller, locally based, inclusive organisations like PMZ that have much to share.

“We’re delighted to welcome Dr Détári as she’s such a formidable musician, academic and advocate for musician wellbeing who we know we can learn so much from. Dr Détári also really understands the importance, impact and value of the kind of socially engaged work that Plymouth Music Zone does and its potential to inform the wider sector.

The College for Performance Science is immensely inspiring around the world and Dr Détári’s considerable insights will be invaluable as we continue to face the challenges of the current climate with its inevitable impact on wellbeing and inclusion. Protecting and sharing the value of inclusive organisations like PMZ will be key to ensuring we can continue to meaningfully connect with those who really share our passion for bringing music to all. Huge thanks to Dr Détári for being so excited to exchange learning in this way.”

Dr Détári joins PMZ’s three other Special Advisers who also contribute to PMZ’s development in their own areas of expertise. Professor Norma Daykin is a leading light in the arts and health academic field, as well as being a musician in her own right. She advises the charity on its research and music practice. Professor Montserrat Fuentes Romero is Professor of Music and Piano at Anahuac University in Mexico City.  She advises PMZ on how to further share its learning on an international stage to celebrate the joys of the diversity of PMZ’s work. And arts fundraiser, Deborah Meyers, brings her significant expertise to support the charity too. Deborah runs the development team at the national Science Museum Group, as well as being a trustee of Shakespeare’s Globe, and is keen to help open up philanthropic pathways for local organisations like PMZ.   

All PMZ Special Advisers share a passion for inclusive practice and the vital role music can play in enhancing peoples’ lives. More details on all our Special Advisors and Trustees can be found here.

You can find out more about Dr Anna Détári and her work at the Royal College of Music in London by clicking here.  

And this video shows a short introduction to the music, health and wellbeing work of the College for Performance Science, the collaboration between the Royal College of Music and Imperial College London: 

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