We invest in people “GOLD” Plaque

Plymouth Music Zone has achieved GOLD “Investors in People” accreditation for the third time. It is one of only a quarter of top organisations who receive such an accolade worldwide.

The GOLD “hat trick” is evidence of the charity’s ongoing commitment to using leadership and management practices that create a genuinely inclusive place of work where people can say they feel they belong.

PMZ’s Chief Executive, Debbie Geraghty, says it’s an achievement that can only ever come from people pulling in the same direction. Everyone deserves sparkly congratulations, says she, for their part in making this kind of compassionate workplace possible over the years:

“People really care about this place. Despite the immense challenges of the pandemic, the PMZ team has always gone the extra mile to be there for each other, and for the many musical communities we have the delight of working with. It’s probably no secret we’re all pretty passionate at PMZ about putting people and their wellbeing first. Always have been. Always will be. It really matters to us that we do all we can to make work better – in a way that includes everyone. It’s about more than simply having robust policies and procedures, it’s about role modelling and supporting a compassionate, committed PMZ team of people, including volunteers and communities. Together, we all combine to make this a charity people want to get up in the morning (and sing!) for. We do realise it’s an ongoing listening and learning process, though, so we try to be all ears – all year round…”

External Investors in People assessors have been looking under the bonnet at PMZ since 2010. Previous assessors called PMZ’s investment in people “striking”. This time round, it was the charity’s “compassionate and inclusive leadership” that was especially noted as inspiring, as well as the wider impact PMZ has been shown to have across the city through the way it uses music to bring people together.