Debbie Geraghty
Debbie Geraghty, CEO of Plymouth Music Zone

Delighted to announce our Executive Director, Debbie Geraghty, has been appointed to the new Advisory Board of the Institute of Health & Community at the University of Plymouth. The Institute of Health and Community is world renowned for its focus on innovation and research within health and the community and is especially keen to learn from PMZ’s research and community based experience and expertise to ultimately improve services for more vulnerable and marginalised groups. The Director of the Institute, Professor Jill Shawe, made the invitation as a result, she said, of how highly regarded PMZ’s work is perceived within the city and expressed a desire to gain insights from how PMZ uses music to improve wellbeing within communities. Plymouth Music Zone received special funding from Dunhill Medical Trust to enable the charity to collaborate with Plymouth University so PMZ could share its learning and help improve understanding within academia of the arts and third sector. Debbie will join other national and local experts on the Advisory Board as it begins its work in earnest in November.