Staff at Baylor Hospital, Dallas, Texas, hold up PMZ weekly music quiz

For many months now and throughout the lockdown, PMZ’s Operations Manager Steve Blake has been producing a weekly music quiz which he sends out via email.

One of the recipients of the quiz, James Rainey, has been forwarding it to his friends and family including his friend Lindsay who works in the ER department at Baylor Hospital, Dallas, Texas. Lindsay said,

“I left one at each station – we have 5 stations in the ER. One of the nurses asked her care team of nurses a question each hour for the 12 hour shift. She said it was a fun way to get the staff to relax for a minute each hour”.

Steve has now started to produce a version of the quiz which has been tailored to an American audience – this week’s quiz will focus on songs featured in movies. Our thanks and best wishes go out to all of the patients and staff at Baylor Hospital. Here are some of the team in this lovely photo!

Special thanks to James for his support and distribution of Steve’s quiz which has brought about this wonderful international connection with these amazing people in Texas.

Continued appreciation and thanks to those who care for us when we are sick, wherever they may be working in the world…UK…USA….! We are all very grateful for what you do. You are AMAZING!!

If anyone else would like to receive the weekly music quiz, let us know here and we can email you a copy too when it goes out.