So excited to hear in Creativity and Wellbeing Week that the leading international journal for Arts and Health research has accepted a paper for publication that’s derived from our 2 year Arts Council England ‘Beyond Words’ research project with Plymouth University.

‘Arts and Health: An International journal for research, policy and practice’ provides a pioneering forum for the publication of research, policy and best practice within the interdisciplinary field of arts and health. This academic field developed in response to international interest regarding the many different ways the arts contribute to health, wellbeing, social inclusion and healthcare practice across a range of settings.

Plymouth Music Zone led by our Creativity and Learning Director, Anna Batson, worked with Professor Quinn and researcher Claudia Blandon from the Plymouth Institute of Education to look at the impact of music making on facilitating communication for a whole range of people described as ‘post verbal’. Participants included those living with the impact of stroke, dementia, developmental delay, autism, trauma and other conditions that can affect verbal communication. It was a world leading research project as it was the first time such a diverse range of groups had been researched in this context in reference to how music can facilitate and support communication and connection.

Professor Quinn since submitted the co-authored paper called ‘Living Beyond Words: post human reflections on making music with post verbal people.’ It is due to be published by the Arts and Health journal shortly.

Thank you again to all the team and participants who contributed to the Beyond Words project as it will now have international impact to support further work in this area.