Despite all of the challenges and uncertainty that currently surrounds us PMZ remains committed to our participants and communities’. As a celebration of everyone’s hard work over the last couple of months PMZ will be releasing scheduled content over the holidays via our Winter Warmers programme.

Check in with us online via our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see all of the music, poetry, photography and lots of other art that has been created by our participants and team.

It goes without saying as with so many arts organisations and charities, Plymouth Music Zone’s income and funding has inevitably been impacted by this crisis. We are working very hard to sustain the charity ensuring we can all still be able to use music to make a difference for a very long time to come. Of course, we cannot do that without the support of our key funders and all those who choose to donate to the charity.

We are deeply thankful for all and any continued support and donations.

The whole team here at PMZ wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone and we look forward to a positive start to the New Year. Take care, stay safe and see you all soon.