Project Crossovers



'Project Crossovers' was a Big Lottery funded programme at PMZ from October 2012 - December 2016 and we thought you might like to hear from some of the people that have 'joined us and powered up'!...  

Click here to find our more about Project Crossovers 

Click here to read an independent evaluation of the project carried out by BOP Consulting 

... and in the meantime, for a tasty snippet of what went on, why not read some of the Community Coordinator's blogs?  With news about our Apprentices and Volunteers, to info about our PMZer Integrated Disabilities Forum and of course TEMPO, our fantastic young people's forum

July 2014 ... Gemma Picks Up The Baton - My time as the "newby"

February 2014 .... PMZ Poet Mike Fullerton's latest poem - "Quality not Quantity"

January - February 2014 ... A great big catch up ... 3 pages of fabulousity!

December 2013 ... Christmas cheer, congas and all things glittery!

November 2013 ... Good good good Reverb - erations!

Saying it with pictures ....

As well as being able to listen to what we got up to in our October PMZer Forum meeting on Soundcloud (click below) here's a wonderful pictorial record sketched by Chris Burns, one of our talented Forum members.  It's great to see the different ways in which we can communicate something as seemingly dry as a "meeting" - but then again, our meetings are far from dry, positively sparkling in fact!

October 2013 ... Meet our lovely new Apprentices!

PMZer Forum's Falmouth Philharmonia Foray! ...

Our PMZer Forum was invited to take a trip deep down to the Cornish wilds of Falmouth on 25th September.  The Philharmonia Orchestra invited us along to test their iorchestra.  It's in the process of being designed by their digital team, and they asked us to check accessibility, usability, potential problems and other aspects of the draft design. 

It's obviously going to be a completely amazing experience, with musical, digital, technological, incredible music-making, playing, hands on activities, and it's coming to 5 different Plymouth locations. 

So if you'd like to find out just what WE found out, click here!

Here's a chance to listen to the minutes of our exciting PMZer Forum meetings!  Read beautifully by the charming Dave England (Thanks for your lovely voice Dave!)


two vacancies for Apprentices at pmz!

We're looking for two rather special people to join us here at PMZ as Apprentices.  If you're over 25 years old, disabled and passionate about music please get in touch to request an application pack.  To have a look at the vacancy, click here!  or get in touch with me, Jeany on 01752 213692 email:

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Thursday 15 th August ... Introducing our PMZer Forum!

Wednesday 31st July ... "This is like medicine for me"

Tuesday 9th July ...  Story telling and love!

Wednesday 10th April ... The best things in life are free ...

Wednesday 27th March ...  Sweet sweet, the memories you gave to me ....

Another day George, who suffers from depression and has a very poorly wife who often can’t get to the sessions because she doesn’t sleep at night, told me “It makes me feel much better actually, being here and seeing you dancing around (I do like to dance a bit) and all the singing, it really helps me actually ...“  Quite often he's tired himself because of many broken nights' sleep, and he has his own health problems, so it's a great feeling knowing that you're making someone's day a bit easier.  George's three grown-up children are all musical , and he's a good singer himself, so it’s a real pleasure to see him smiling and singing through the sessions.   Very satisfying.

Wednesday 20th March  ... with a shaky plastic cabbage ...

Friday 8th March (sorry, but I’m giving up on numbering the weeks now)

Wednesday 27th February, week six.

Wednesday 13th February, week four.

Friday 1st February, end of week two.

28th January 2013, my first day. 

Got shown round the building – wow, it’s fantastic! Amazing facilities, including a HUMUNGOUS main hall with almost every musical instrument you can think of, a sound-studio full of technical audio-visual equipment that all looks really confusing (but very impressive) and the “SMS” room (Sensation Music Station) which houses the South West’s biggest sensory room.  It’s beautiful!I already feel privileged to be here and be a part of this.