A top down view of a variety of of pumpkins positioned decoratively on a piano

Sensory Sounds group have many interests and one of the group members developed a love of Pumpkin Pie. Naturally we thought this would make a fantastic song theme for the group to develop and to become part of the collection of music we enjoy together in our sessions. We love the mix of ideas that brought this song recipe to life. 

This song was written by Anna Batson (Creativity & Learning Director) based on what the families told her and Dave. The weekly sensory music sessions incorporate percussion instruments, lights and toys to bring the song to life. We thought some of you might enjoy learning this song too as it’s a catchy little bit of fun and perhaps a lovely seasonal addition to your song collection?  

We hope you enjoy this simple recording from Anna. We’ve included the words here so that you can learn it and sing along too if you wish to! Please feel free to share a link with others too. 

Lyrics to the pumpkin pie song decorated with images of things mentioned in the song such as guinea pigs, bubbles, and pumpkin pies