Portrait of Debbie

She’s back! PMZ is delighted to announce that its CEO, Debbie Geraghty, has returned to the fold after a long-term absence of 15 months. 

Debbie contracted Covid at a work conference in London at the outset of the pandemic in March 2020. She is one of many who have been affected by what is now known as the debilitating condition of Long Covid. 

We’re delighted to say, though, that after a slow phased return to work she’s now back in post and loving every minute of it as she continues with her recovery. 

Debbie described the Long Covid experience as a wrecking ball that smashed through her life and turned everything upside down. It reduced her existence to one of great uncertainty – getting through the day, without any sense of what was happening, what it was it was doing to her body, who could help, and when indeed she might get better, if ever. 

There will be more detail on Debbie’s journey in an upcoming blog within a wider series of blogs. These pieces will be on the subject of ‘reconnection’ with many different members of our community. For now, Debbie says: 

“I cannot tell you how truly wonderful it is to be back at PMZ having watched this inspiring community from afar when I was so unwell. 

That first day I returned to PMZ and participated in a music session was like tasting the deliciousness that is music having been hungry for a very long time. 

It totally reminded me what this organisation is all about. Here I was feeling the music, feeling the love, laughing, and feeling that I totally belonged. What more could I want?  

Immense thanks to everyone who has supported me through this challenging time. I can’t wait to work on what lies ahead and reconnect with more of you in the near future.” 

Knowing that PMZ could flex so that Debbie could still be in this role fully and successfully within a supportive framework is an important point that Debbie will be exploring more in her next blog. Watch this space to hear more about Debbie’s experiences of navigating Long Covid as well as her return to immersion in PMZ. Debbie will also explore what other learning has taken place that could provide some useful tips for others. This will include both the comforts and discomforts of the journey!