Music Leader Paul White playing a guitar and singing with the Sing Out GroupHeld every week at Plymouth Music Zone 2:30 -3:30pm. Sing Out is a friendly singing group for adults with brain injury or neurological conditions such as stroke and multiple sclerosis. Carers, friends and family are also welcome.

Sing Out costs £3 a workshops, a variety of payment options are available as well as concessions. 

This workshop is led by PMZ Music Leader Anna Batson.

Contact PMZ to find out more and book a place.


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"Friendship and a real sense of enjoyment."

"Great companionship. These sessions have got me back singing again and that’s great."

"I love the music, it’s such a safe place and the atmosphere is always upbeat and fun."

"There’s no judgement at all. We know everyone's got a voice but we don't always use it. Singing helps!"

"It just goes to show that if we relax all those preconceived ideas about what's right and wrong, good or bad, we can all sing along and it's huge fun and uplifting."

"Collaboration, community and support. There's a bond between us."