Team Building

Bungee jumping upside down with an African Drum? No? Well, if you can't squeeze in time to bond with colleagues over a hike up Kilimanjaro then maybe we can offer a different but no less exciting route to rally your team...

Young child goes marracas

How about team-building events that create the harmony you need with the added warm fuzzy feeling knowing you're not just making a mark on your own team, you're also making a difference in other people's lives too in the process...

That’s exactly why we’re trying to drum up business. As a not-for-profit charity, every penny you pay us contributes to the charitable aims of the organisation. We provide music-making experiences that are a lifeline for some of the most vulnerable groups we work with who face all kind of challenges in their lives. So by having your event at PMZ you're also investing in the future of the people we serve.

It's corporate team building with a conscience (and a good old giggle into the bargain...) – now surely that's worth banging on about?

Devon Youth Games group Samba shot

So, how can we help YOU?

Most of you probably wake up to music, dance to music, think to music, cook to music, do all sorts to music - it's just there. But how many of you ever get the chance to use music to help you work together? Music's actually a fantastic way to develop team-building and group work skills. Like those outward bound activities, it creates a similar sense of personal and group achievement - but without the runny noses. In fact, our sessions could make a real difference with:

  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Sense of community, group cohesion, team-building and group identity
  • Creative self-expression
  • Co-ordination
  • Equality
  • Communication and an understanding of team dynamics
  • Camaraderie, fun and laughter 



Any sessions you book with us will, of course, be tailored to your needs but we offer four main packages that we know go down a real treat…

Drum's the Word

Percussion is fabulous. It actually takes very little effort before you start sounding like you know what you're doing. And when you join your colleagues for a Drum Circle you get to experience the real buzz that comes from working together in rhythm - call it a sense of group synergy, co-operation, non-verbal communication, whatever - it's just really great fun!

Sizzling Samba

Oooh this is lovely. This is an opportunity to learn the scintillating rhythms of Brazil. Again, it only takes a very short space of time before the group will be playing this vibrant and infectious music - transport yourself from Plymouth to Sao Paolo at the flick of a cowbell…and get whistled at a lot too!

West African Wonders

Now this is what you call real drumming. You get to play the wonderful and inspiring sounds of West Africa using beautiful traditional drums including Djembe, Doun Doun, Shakere and Bells. You'll learn to make your hands move in mysterious ways to get things called 'bass', 'tone' and 'slap' - and sentences like "Jabba, jabba djembe" and "Djembe jabba, jabba, djembe pa!" will suddenly make total sense...

Sing It Up

Oh yes. Do you remember the days when life was all about singing with the hairbrush in front of the mirror? Well, how about reliving that carefree time - but this time without being forced to look at your reflection?

It needn't be a last ditch attempt to launch a once-dreamt-of singing career. Our workshops are designed to make you feel good by teaching the kind of fantastic songs you won't get out of your head for days...and you could also take advantage of our professional recording studio with the option of working towards a CD recording or a performance. A company CD? Video? Now that might press a few PR buttons...

No previous experience of anything musical whatsoever is necessary - but a willingness to join in and have some fun is us on 01752 213690 and see what we can both come up with.