Dave England

Dave England


What do you do for PMZ?
I coordinate PMZ’s events throughout the year, including our Summer Singalong in Devonport Park and Tea, Tinsel & Tonsils, as well as supporting people in the community to raise funds for the wonderful work PMZ gets to do. I’m also a Music Leader with the lovely Sensory Sounds group.

Do you play any instruments?
My main instrument is the piano, which I’ve played since I was 10.  Since working at PMZ I have mastered three chords on the guitar (!)  and although I wasn’t born to sing, I give it ago – albeit for the encouragement of others!

What musical instrument would best describe you and why?
As a lover of 80’s music (my childhood!) I’d have to say a good old synthesizer! Axel F anyone??

What has music done for you in your life?
Music has supported me through every possible emotion from the saddest to the happiest times. It has helped to build my confidence and to express myself.

What’s the best bit about working at PMZ?
Seeing the genuine difference PMZ’s work makes to people’s lives. I’m so proud to be a part of the team.

What’s the first record/CD you ever bought?
I remember buying the first Now That’s What I Call Music album on cassette or possibly a Bucks Fizz record!