Nick Warren

PMZ Trustee

Managing Director and Designer, N9 Design, a Creative Communications Agency



What do you do for PMZ?
As a new trustee we’ll have to wait and see. But as part of N9 Design, I first worked with PMZ back in late 2009 and throughout the years have always been blown away with the energy and passion of Debbie and the team whenever we meet. Overall, if they think I can contribute anything worthwhile in terms of experience in brand, identity or design for communication then I’m happy to do what I can.

Do you play any instruments?
Musically, I had an awkward incident with a Double Bass at 11 which halted my instrument education. But I’m a proficient listener and can be useful in a pub quiz scenario recalling lyrics to decades old songs I don’t even like. I’ve embraced new music technology, but still managed to retain my mid-sized vinyl and cd collection under much pressure, arguing the dust would be on the shelves anyway.

What musical instrument would best describe you and why?
Probably those big orchestra timpani drums. I try to stay quiet unless I think I’ll make an impact.

What has music done for you in your life?
Shaped my life. As a child many early memories are punctuated by specific tracks, as a teen I’d obsess with the charts (via Smash Hits). Then as an young fella I’d spend hours searching out tunes and creating the right playlist for the day, party or journey. In early employment, I was known to run home and compile a side of C90 in my lunch hour for the afternoon. Six hours of cassette compilations for parties was not uncommon…ask grandparents what a C90 is!

What?s the best bit about supporting PMZ?
The infectious energy that the PMZ team have and their unfailing ability to be branded at all times.

What?s the first record/CD you ever bought?
Either Regatta de Blanc by The Police or Blondie’s Parallel Lines.