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Hello and welcome to TEMPO! Our name stands for Teenagers Engaging in Music, Performance and Organisation. All that means is that we're the youth voice of PMZ and aim to be the voice for young people interested in music right across the city!  We all love music in one way or another.  Some of us play an instrument, some sing and some of us just love listening to music and try to watch a live gig now and then.   

One other thing we all have in common - we all totally understand the PMZ message (Music Making a Difference) because music really has made a difference in each of our lives. 

Some of us attend one of PMZ's music sessions like Jam Band or All Stars, so we are at the frontline of all things PMZ. If any other young people attending sessions have problems, questions or ideas they can come to us and we can pass them to PMZ staff We get involved in projects that help PMZ to develop such as podcasting, designing flyers, giving presentations and coming up with ideas for projects. We also fit in having a good laugh and music making along the way!

This page will be kept up to date as often as possible with news about what we’re up to but if you want any more information feel free to ring PMZ on 01752 213690 and ask for Intergenerational Coordinator Rob Tilsley.  Or you can email Rob here.

Tempo - PMZ's Youth Forum

News from the team:

June 2016

Hi folks

Here's a quick update from the TEMPO team.  We've been talking about new music sessions and what new projects we might come up with for different PMZ participants. We always have quite a lively debate and a great laugh but we do manage to get some useful stuff out there too!  However, for the moment, Summer's just about upon us and GCSEs and 'A' levels have hit us like a lump of quick setting concrete.  As a result we're having a summer break but will be back with you in the Autumn term.  

Look forward to giving you some juicy nuggets of news later in the year when we've got our heads out of our revision books.  Cheers y'all!


March 2016

Hi everyone

It’s Immy, Jasmine, Jimmy and new TEMPO member Louis here.  We have spent many months creating podcasts and are now creating a mini podcast series.  Our latest podcast is now available to listen to – it’s about our annual Nick Thomas Awards event at PMZ.  We tell you all about the 2014 event, telling you what it’s all about, who the winner was and a live performance from the night.

This is a special podcast for us as this is Emily’s last one.  Emily has spent many years with TEMPO but she is now moving on.  She will be very missed and we thank her for all her hard work with PMZ over the years.

To hear our Nick Thomas Awards Podcast, click here


July 2015

We are excited that we recently organised for the 'Piano For A Day' project to come to The Barbican in Plymouth on Saturday 11th July.  The event saw a piano placed outdoors overlooking Sutton Harbour for passers by to come along and play on.  This was all able to happen because we were funded by Vital Sparks, worked in collaboration with Danny Cooke who set the project up originally in Torbay, and because we had support from PMZ who guided us through setting up an event and all the stuff we'd never done before like creating Risk Assessments. And we were bowled over when an awesome graffitti artist came forward and offered to make some artwork for the piano as a gift!  Thank you Roy!!

The day was a great success! Lots of people joined in, shared their talents and experimented with tickling the ivories. We even noticed someone crying when they saw Pat playing, who is in her eighties, blind and has a guide dog.

All of us in TEMPO enjoyed the day very much, including talking to the public and seeing their reactions.  We're now working on our 'Piano For A Day' podcast with interviews we took from the public and recordings of what people played.  We're looking forward to sharing that with you in the Autumn once we're back from our Summer break! 

In the mean time, we hope you enjoy some snippets from Piano for a Day by clicking on: Piano for a Day Facebook Page to see what happened....  Bye for now!

(Photos by Danny Cooke and Chris Burns)

April 2015

Recently, we’ve been working on our second podcast.  It will feature another load of Quirky Questions with PMZ Music Leader Anna, plus a special feature all about the Nick Thomas Award For Outstanding Achievement - we interview the winner, TEMPO’s very own Jimmy, plus hear a performance from the night.  In the meantime you can listen to our first podcast here

We’re currently working on a great project called “Piano For A Day”.  We’re going to put a piano outside somewhere on the Barbican for you to play while overlooking the sea!  Thanks to Vital Sparks for providing us with the funding for this project.  We’ll tell you more about it very soon. 

So come back soon for full details about “Piano For A Day” and to hear our new podcast!


September 2014

Over the past year we have been making our first podcast.  This helped us learn new skills such as editing, recording, team building, producing music beds and interviewing. It took a bit longer than we thought it would, but it was fun and we’re really pleased to share it with you now. Have a listen and hear some hilarious quirky questions with Jimmy and his Dad, hear about what it’s like to part of PMZ's after school club Jam Band, plus a heart-warming story that proves the work that PMZ does with music makes a difference.

Listen to the podcast here!

December 2013

Today's our last session before the Xmas break, and we've decided that we just have to celebrate!  So along with millions of mince pies, shed loads of chocolate Santas, a vat of something that looks furiously fizzy to drink we'll be putting the finishing touches to our first ever Podcast!  Keep your ears to the ground and eyes peeled for news of this coming your way very soon, and in the meantime, more juicy jollity, a very merry Xmas and a very happy New Year to everyone!  

See you in the New Year!

October 2013

At the moment Tempo are learning how to make podcasts with the expert guidance of Fiona Evans (ex-BBC Radio 4 y’know, only the very best for us thank you).  We’ve also got ex Radio presenter, Dave England (you smooth talker you) helping with interviewing, editing and general brilliantness.  Thanks to Fiona and Dave! 
There’s so much to it!  From music beds to stings, features, Chloe’s news round up, live music from Jam Band, interviews with PMZ staff, Jimmy’s quirky questions – well, who’d believe there was so much to a podcast.  We even learned what the word “podcast” came from … any ideas? Well, it’s Programme on demand – so there you go, you learn something new every day don’t you.  At least we do – in Tempo!  Loving it!

September 2013

"Hello everyone,Troy here!

Just to tell you that we're starting work on our film that will "show off" all aspects of Tempo at PMZ and at the moment we're writing our scripts ready for Steve (our film-maker) to start filming with us next week.  We've got Podcasting training coming up very soon too, so wish us good luck!"

Interested in joining us?

We’re looking for new members! If you think you’ve got what it takes to join us, then please email (tempo@plymouthmusiczone.org.uk) or give Gemma a call (01752 213692) and we’ll be happy to have you along to one of our meetings...


This video was made by some of our original TEMPO members...see if you can recognise any of them.


And this is what TEMPO raised money for to make our 10th anniversary celebrations come to life...