The story so far

From Cupboard to Centre of Excellence...

We all end up with a story - and hopefully it's one that can fire someone's imagination along the way or inspire them to believe that anything is possible. PMZ was something that arose from nothing - except an idea. An idea that came back in 1999 - in a cupboard in a local school building... 

Two musicians wanted to give the city's primary school children access to high quality music. They ended up in 21 schools across the city. Now, 15 years on and Plymouth Music Zone has grown to become even more than music. It's now an award winning music charity with Investors in People status known as a Centre of Excellence for cutting edge community music engaging over 1000 disadvantaged children, young people and vulnerable adults with over 50 weekly activities delivered by up to 25 music leaders across Plymouth and beyond. Phew!

Through responding to the needs of others and working in partnership with so many other organisations, tens of thousands of people have been touched by music in a way that has helped improve their lives as a result.

As someone once said, it has 'created music out of silenced voices'.  PMZ's story has become everyone's.

This is a short film looking back on how it all happened:

                                          PMZ's first Decade of Difference


                                      The facts, figures and faces of PMZ