Music Leader Paul White Sings and Plays a guitar with participants from the Shake Rattle and RollersThe Shake, Rattle & Rollers named themselves in recognition of the groups great sense of humour and fun.

Held every week at Plymouth Music Zone 12.30 - 1.30pm. The Shake, Rattle & Rollers is a friendly singing group for adults (age 18+) living with Parkinson's. Participants are welcome to bring a friend or carer along with them.

Shake, Rattle & Rollers costs £3 a workshop, a variety of payment options are available, as well as concessions. 

This workshop is led by PMZ Music Leader Paul White.

Contact PMZ to find out more and to book a place. 

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In November 2019 the group welcomed Karen from The Co-op, where they sang a song to say 'thank you' for funding received from the Co-op Community Fund. This funding helped PMZ to continue to support this amazing group.

To find out more about how you can help head over to our Show Your Support page to find out more about donating and fundraising for PMZ and for groups like the Shake Rattle & Rollers.

Check out what participants say about The Shake Rattle & Rollers...

"Some people are finding, whether you can measure it or not, that it's helping with their speech, with their voice projection. But it's also about the fun it's about interacting with other people."

"Good company and it gets you out of the house.  When you get out of the house and get here and do this, it boosts your confidence and that can have a knock on effect.  You think 'oh I can actually get out and do things’   and it spreads to other things as well."

"We have Parkinson’s but we have things in common with other groups that come here such as the the Stroke Survivor group. We all have our battles to win, there’s a lot of empathy between us."

"I've been coming regularly and I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone new come along for their first session and not come back for more. It's brilliant!"

"When we attend the Christmas events and summer events in the park we're being part of a much bigger music group."

"We were very apprehensive before coming but reassured once we got here."