PMZ staff standing next to Devonport Bandstand holding a giant sun prop

19 July 2022      Plymouth Music Zone – Covid19 Update  

With reports saying the number of cases of Covid19 has now approached its highest level, Plymouth Music Zone wanted to reassure our participants and stakeholders we are continuing to operate as safely as possible in our building and workshops. Our wonderful Summer Singalong Event in Devonport Park the other day shows we’re very much dedicated to keeping our music sessions and events going. But, with safety still very much in mind. 

Throughout the pandemic Plymouth Music Zone has been mindful of doing all we can to demonstrate our commitment to being a caring organisation that places wellbeing at its heart. We still feel taking the necessary Covid19 safety precautions is particularly important in light of continuing to work with many people with medical and other vulnerabilities.

As a team, we are:

  • Wearing masks wherever possible, especially when moving around and removing them when seated and making music 
  • Keeping equipment and spaces well-ventilated, clean and disinfected  
  • Being careful with the group sizes so we can still gently socially distance
  • Testing as a team before every working day 

It is our hope our commitment to these measures will help visitors, staff and all who work with us feel comfortable, confident and safe. We very much appreciate your support with this. 

Since 1st April when free access to tests stopped, PMZ took the decision to support the wellbeing and safety of staff and volunteers by purchasing enough kits to safely run our building. This is a cost to the organisation we would prefer not to have incurred, but feel it remains a necessary investment in caring for everybody in our community. 

As before, a little ask from us…if for any reason you have any spare testing kits you are not using, or wish to donate any, please do send them our way. We promise to make very good use of them and it will save the charity some money too – so there’s more money left for making music! 

Thank you so much to everyone for your extraordinary support, as ever.