a lateral flow test being held by the keys of a piano

As you’re aware, as of 1st April the government is withdrawing free LFT tests for the public.

We wanted to reassure our participants and stakeholders that we are continuing to operate as safely as possible in our building and workshops.

We are continuing to wear masks when moving around and removing them when seated and making music. We are continuing to keep equipment and spaces clean and disinfected, well-ventilated and we are careful with the group sizes so that we can socially distance.

It is our hope that our measures will help visitors, staff and all who work with us feel comfortable and safe.

Due to the changes from 1st April in terms of access to tests, PMZ has made the decision to support the wellbeing and safety of staff and volunteers by purchasing enough kits to safely run our building. We feel this is particularly important in the light of continuing to work with many people with medical and other vulnerabilities. We are mindful of doing all that we can to demonstrate our commitment to being a caring organisation who places wellbeing at its heart.

This is a cost to the organisation that we would prefer not to have incurred, but feel we must do all we can.

A little ask from us – Please don’t throw away boxes of UNUSED test kits – if for any reason you have any spares that you are not using, please send our way as we can make very good use of them and it will save the charity some money. Many thanks!