Vision and Mission


Plymouth Music Zone’s vision and mission are straight from the heart. We love music. We love people. We love making a difference. Our real passion is combining all three – bringing extraordinary people together through extraordinary musical experiences to enable extraordinary things to happen…

’Music Making a Difference’.


Quite simply, Plymouth Music Zone’s vision is of a world where no one feels left out or lonely. A world where the transforming power of music can play its part in developing kind, happy, supportive and creative communities.  A world where people feel inspired, empowered and connected. A world where PMZ works with others to bring hope through music to those who need it most.


Plymouth Music Zone is a compassionate community music charity dedicated to bringing people together to transform lives. We work with others to reach out to some of the most vulnerable children and adults using highly skilled music leaders who deliver a diverse range of innovative and tailored creative music-making activities. We inspire and empower individuals, families and communities to have a voice and develop and grow. We also encourage and train others who share our passion to bring hope and happiness through the life-changing power of music.

3 strands of PMZ's work

We achieve our mission by: 

(1) REACHING OUT: We target our work in partnership with other organisations who equal our desire to develop the skills and health & wellbeing of the most vulnerable people and marginalised communities during their most difficult or transitional times.

(2) OPENING UP: We expand the musical and social horizons for those who wish to learn within a leading community music organisation offering rich musical & social experiences that promote artistic excellence as well as kindness, equality & diversity. We provide a diverse range of inspiring first access, progression and advanced music activities for both young people and adults. We also create mission led income generation through tailored specialised training for music educators and other professionals and by sharing best practice in using music to empower people and communities.

(3) BRINGING PEOPLE TOGETHER: Our targeted and open strands of work meet in the middle through a series of performance and celebration events and special progression and advanced cross arts projects. We also have several user forums with our participants at the heart. Their voices take centre stage driving a PMZ community that celebrates the diverse nature of the charity’s work as well as sharing its stories of change. People are brought together to grow a richer sense of self and community including music leaders working or training across the different areas of our delivery.