What We Do

PMZ's work focuses on using music as a powerful tool to develop skills and the health and emotional wellbeing of participants - or 'PMZers' as we like to call them.  We employ highly skilled Music Leaders who deliver a diverse range of interactive music making activities and high profile progression projects that engage people in their own musical and social development.  In addition to developing musical skills, Independent Evaluations have provided powerful evidence of the deep impact of our work in improving a broad range of areas such as... 

  • communication and interpersonal skills
  • self-expression and self-confidence/self-esteem 
  • helping emotional and behavioural issues
  • enhancing physical ability and overall emotional wellbeing

As well as offering activities at our music education centre in Devonport, Plymouth Music Zone does most of its work out and about in the community - wherever we're invited. We provide an open access programme but also deliver a targeted programme of music activities to some of the most socially isolated participants already working with partner organisations.

Keep Singing Keepsake session at Spire Court Sheltered Housing

Plymouth Music Zone is also the fastest growing employer and provider of training for musicians and Music Leaders in the South West.  We also provide bespoke training for music educators and other partners - including doctors and dentists! People can also buy our services and commission us to do special projects and events. 

We reach around 1000 people every week through up to 50 weekly music sessions and music related activities including:

  • Music Workshops - open access after school clubs and targeted work with partner organisations
  • Training - bespoke training for music educators and others
  • Commissions - all kinds of projects and events through people buying our services