This little video (click on the picture for the YouTube link) was filmed by our amazing volunteer, Mike Canning who shared his view of the room from the perspective of his wheelchair. What a great job!
Naturally we had to make this a bit more spooky than usual. So, here’s our session when we decided to howl at the moon and make our own version of ‘She’s Not There’ by The Zombies (a hit in 1964). Check out the amazing scary sounds Mike managed to make with the French Horn.
We had a lot of fun creating sound effects with our voices, instruments and weird percussion (Lynne on mini tongue drum, Margaret on Flexatone, Ray on Thunder Drum among other things). Goodness knows we could all use a bit of fun and joy amongst everything at the moment.
Please ignore the messy leads on the floor – we get a LOT of gear out for this session. (For the Health and Safety bods, the deal is that the mess stays in the middle and we don’t go across it! The rest gets taped down – hah.
We hope you enjoy a little moment with us being silly and making music together as a little group of musical misfits. You’re welcome to join in and HOWWWWLLLLL too!
Many thanks to our funder Arts Council England